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Structural Engineering & Inspection

Of Charlotte, NC


At Structural Design Solutions we specialize in structural engineering design, structural inspection, FHA inspection, and forensic investigation of residential and commercial projects in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina Areas. We pride ourselves in providing cost effective and efficient solutions.

Why choose Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte, NC for Engineering Services

The quality of our Charlotte structural engineering services is directly related to the experience, educational background, access to resources, and professional attitudes and friendliness of our staff.  The design professionals at our company have worked on a variety of projects including hospitals, high-rise condos, multi-level office buildings, schools, residential homes and manufactured homes.  This past experience positions our company as one of the leading engineering and inspection firms in Charlotte, NC.  Furthermore, our principal engineer has an extensive background related to building design and evaluation.  He earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with an Emphasis in Structural Engineering from UNC Charlotte.

Additionally, our Charlotte office continues researching and training in order to be at the forefront of the engineering services and provide our clients with the most efficient and cost effective solutions.  We also pride ourselves in providing knowledgeable professionals when conducting residential and foundation inspections.  Unlike many companies, our company sends a licensed professional engineer to perform the evaluation.  This ensures that our clients receive only the best recommendations and evaluations for their homes.

Structural Engineer and FHA Services of Charlotte NC

At Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte North Carolina, we offer a variety of structural engineering and inspection services.  One of the engineering markets in which we specialize is the Charlotte, NC inspection services for homeowners.  Structural inspections are typically performed when a homeowner requires professional structural engineering evaluation of their existing home.  Our largest market is the Charlotte, NC area including the surrounding cities of Lincolnton, Shelby, Gastonia, Concord, Hickory, and many others.  We have listed a few engineering services we provide below.

  • Structural Engineering – Residential Design – Commercial Design – Truss Repair Engineering – Steel Design & Inspection
  • Structural Inspection – FHA Foundation Inspection – Manufactured Home Inspection – General Engineering Inspection
  • HUD Inspection – FHA & VA Compliance Certifications – Pre-Purchase Home Inspection – FHA Foundation Certifications
  • Foundation Engineering – Foundation Inspection – FHA Foundation Design – Modular and Mobile Home Inspection
  • Foundation Crack Evaluation – FHA Engineering Upgrades – Foundation Repair – Structural Repair & Design
  • FHA Upgrades – Charlotte Building Code Review – FHA Foundation Design – FHA Loan Certifications – Charlotte FHA Inspections

Foundation Evaluation and Engineering of Charlotte, including FHA Certifications for Manufactured Homes

Is your foundation cracked? Or need an FHA or HUD engineering certification for your manufactured home in Charlotte.  Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte NC can help.  We provided experienced foundation inspection and evaluation, including FHA engineering designs and upgrades.  When buying a new home it is important to understand what is required by the lenders to effectively attain a mortgage loan.  Furthermore, it is important for you as a homeowner to understand why FHA, HUD, and foundation inspections are so important.  Whether a custom home or manufactured or mobile home, the important of a proper foundation inspection should not be overlooked.  An effective structural foundation or FHA inspection can determine any problems that may be apparent or arise it the future.  We recommend that a proper foundation or FHA inspection be performed by a structural engineer for the Charlotte, NC areas and surrounding counties.  If foundation inspections are not performed and evaluated correctly, the problems will typically only worsen as the home ages.  That is why we suggest have the FHA foundation or general engineering inspections performed pre-purchase for all Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Things to Remember about Structural, Foundation, and FHA Engineering in Charlotte

  • Structural Design Solutions provides Structural Engineering to Charlotte and Surrounding Areas.
  • Charlotte NC has many options when choosing and engineer.  Remember that the quality of inspection and engineering judgment is directly related to the background, experience, and education of the engineer.
  • Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte only sends licensed professional engineering clients to perform structural, foundation, FHA, and other engineering inspections.
  • Foundation, HUD, and FHA  Inspection is especially important to homeowners in and around the Charlotte NC areas.
  • The education, experience, and extensive training of our structural engineering firm makes our company one of the top engineering firms in Charlotte, NC.
  • The principal engineer of Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte has spend many years working in the Charlotte and surrounding areas and has valuable insight into area specific issues when performing structural inspections.



Our structural engineer staff has a variety of experience in the commonly used construction techniques while also being able to implement new and innovative products and ideas required for special project or client requirements.



Our firm has a variety of experience in residential and FHA inspections. We inspect a variety of homes including custom homes, townhouses, modular homes, and manufactured homes.



We provide a full range of single family and multi-family residential engineering, inspection, and construction phase services to home builders and architects in and around the Charlotte areas.