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Why you should go with a Structural Engineer?

17 October

Why you should go with a Structural Engineer… whether you have a new build or a renovation.

Use of a Structural Engineer is a great way to go when you are looking to build either commercial property or residential property. A Structural Engineer can design buildings, bridges, roads, canals, airports, and tunnels to name just a few. They also handle renovations in existing structures. Structural Engineers can also be involved in demolition or dismantling of structures. The process of dismantling is when a project can be repaired and then put back together to make the structure stable. For instance, a bridge. When a bridge is under repair the entire structure would remain intact with exception of the part that is being repaired.

Structural Engineering is a branch of civil engineering that can also design water supply systems. A lot of Structural Engineers work as consultants or contractors. They also work closely with architects to come up with building layout designs. The Structural Engineer calculates the load which can be borne and decide which structural systems to use. The Structural Engineer can decide, by inspections, which materials (i.e. stone, bricks, hardwoods, concrete etc.) should be used for a specific project. They will look at your project from the ground up to determine what will be the best fit for your needs and price points.

It is the responsibility of the Structural Engineer to be up to date on the proper building codes so they can manage the day to day work of the on site labor and to oversee that the proper building materials are used properly. When you are in the market for a Structural Engineer, keep Structural Design Solutions, P.C. in mind. We would love to help your dream project become a reality.