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Water Quality Testing

At Structural Design Solutions, we provide a variety of services for homeowners in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area including water quality tests. When moving into a new home, it is always important to ensure that the quality of drinking water is acceptable. We can provide various levels of water testing ranging from basic Coliform (bacteria) test to FHA water tests up to full range tests. In most cases we recommend at minimum basic bacteria test and prefer FHA quality tests.

At Structural Design Solutions, we take pride in providing a full range of water quality tests for homeowners. We feel this is an important step that should be taken pre-purchase or anytime thereafter that contamination is suspected. After collecting the samples they are taken to a professional water testing facility. This ensures that the testing is performed correctly and is much more accurate than common water testing do-it-yourself kits.

When and why should you get your water tested?

Typically, it is recommended that homeowners with underground wells get the water quality tests. Well water is particularly susceptible to contaminants around the influence area of the well. Wells are basically long pipes that extend deep into the ground near underground water reservoirs. The water is continually renewed by rainwater, surface drainage, septic system discharge, underground water flow, and various other sources. The key to a quality well system is that the discharged and underground contaminants are filtered from the water before entering the well. If the well is not positioned correctly or nearby contaminants are discharged into the ground the water may become contaminated.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set maximum limits for various types of contaminants. If limits are exceeded, the drinking water becomes harmful those who drink it. For that reason, we recommend testing drinking well water before the purchase of any home. If drinking water is contaminated, the remediation techniques used to purify the water may be very expensive and must be taken into consideration.