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The Benefits of a Home Inspection

14 May

Buying and taking care of your home is very important and should be taken seriously. Why take a gamble on your home not being in the best condition? A home inspection can save you future time and money spent, making you aware of problems before it’s too late.

Structural Designs inspectors mainly focused on residential markets and FHA inspections, allowing them to work with a variety of homeowners. The inspectors here at Structural designs are licensed and trained to note even the smallest defects. It is important to hire only licensed inspectors to ensure professional work. Knowing your inspector allows for a thorough evaluation.

Many investors and buyers will not even think about buying a building without ensuring that it is structurally sound. Inspectors look closely at things such as weight-bearing roofs and bridges to determine the strength and stability of the house or building. In some cases, if an inspector determines that the building is structurally improper, it may not be possible to sell the property until it is fully stabilized or removed. We recommend that realtors also have inspections done, therefore giving a better representation of the property to potential homeowners.

During an inspection by Structural Designs, each system is checked and tested to make sure it is in good condition. We provide a detailed report with excessive information about your home. It is our goal to help our clients receive a structurally sound home. We offer a range of services such as general structural evaluation, pre-purchase home inspections, limited scope inspections and many more. Not only do we offer quality inspections, but we also recommend licensed professional contractors to take care of your needs. Contact Structural Design Solutions to learn more and make your home inspection appointment.