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FHA Foundation Requirements NC

FHA Foundation Requirements of NC, including Charlotte and surrounding areas

On VA and FHA-insured loans, the foundation on all mobile and manufactured homes must meet an acceptable standard of structural stability and immobility as determined by a structural or professional engineer (PE). The engineering inspection or FHA certification must be conducted by a licensed professional engineer in North Carolina, typically a structural engineer who practices in the Charlotte and surrounding areas, and a letter of approval must be supplied to the lender. The FHA foundation certification letter must bear the seal of the professional engineer and be signed and dated.

The HUD foundation engineering inspection ensures that the mobile or manufactured home foundation is structurally adequate based upon the provisions of the HUD Handbook (The Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes, 1996). At Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte, we provide our clients with the most commonly required foundation upgrades required to be certified by HUD and FHA engineering inspection. The information listed below is provided as a courtesy to help summarize some of the HUD Permanent Foundation Requirements that apply in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. This list does not purport to be a complete manual of accepted good practice. Other local NC building codes and engineering considerations may apply to various situations.

FHA, VA, & HUD Foundation Requirements | Charlotte, NC (FHA Foundation Requirements of Charlotte, NC)

The following improvements beyond the minimum requirements of the manufactured home regulations are necessary to meet the more stringent requirements of the HUD Handbooks 4930.3 and 007487, entitled Permanent Foundations Guide to Manufactured Housing.

  • Concrete footings shall be provided below the frost line for the concrete block piers that support the chassis of the mobile or manufactured home.
  • Concrete block piers supporting the chassis of the manufactured home shall be laid using Portland cement mortar. (As an alternative, block may be laid dry (dry stacked) and secured with fiber reinforced surface bonding cement such as Surewall or Quickwall.) Not required for Freddie Mac.
  • Manufactured home chassis shall be anchored to the footings by appropriate engineered foundation stabilization system. (Screw-in earth anchors cannot be substituted for anchoring to the footing!) The Vector Dynamics brand stabilization systems are acceptable and must be installed per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Manufactured or mobile home foundation shall be enclosed with a durable material, such as masonry (brick).
  • Adequate number of foundation vents shall be provided (1 square foot of net free area per 150 square feet of crawl space floor area) around the entire foundation perimeter of the building.
  • Entire dirt floor of the crawl space shall be covered with 6-mil polyethylene plastic sheeting.
  • Tongue, axles, and wheels shall be removed from the manufactured home and the site.
  • Utilities shall be permanently installed where the manufactured home is located.

If the foundation does not meet these requirements, contact us for our preferred Charlotte installation contractor, with whom we work closely to provide our clients with a foundation upgrade that is installed properly and ensures that the foundation passes the certification inspection the first time, thus no re-inspection fees. Estimates by our preferred contractor are listed below.

Estimates for FHA Upgrades from our Charlotte General Contractor

Structural FHA Foundation Inspection | Your Charlotte Manufactured Home

  • Typically, the earlier the homeowner contacts a structural engineer to perform a FHA inspection on your manufactured home, the better. This eliminates any unnecessary foundation upgrades that may not be required to pass the FHA Foundation Certification inspection.
  • Always consult with a structural engineer that is knowledgeable about FHA manufactured home inspections. This is a specialized area of foundation inspection that requires specific understanding and options for mobile home foundation upgrades.
  • It is always a good idea to consult a structural engineer that actively performs inspections in your area. If your manufactured home is located in Charlotte, ask the engineer if he commonly performs FHA inspections in that location.
  • At Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte, we provide our clients with exceptional service in and surrounding the Charlotte, NC areas. Ask us about our free on-site FHA pre-evaluation of your manufactured home foundation. Our firm is the only one in Charlotte, that offers this free FHA foundation evaluation.

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