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Custom Care from our Custom Home Builders

18 June

At Structural Design Solutions we provide a true custom home builder experience. Whether you’re looking for a single family or multi-family home, Structural Design Solutions provide a variety of services in every part of the construction process.

Engineering, design, inspection, or construction, Structural Design Solutions have the tools to implement the most recent engineering methods that will have your new home feel like a step into the future. We are custom home builders in the sense that we provide our skills alongside architects and home builders alike. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are our goals, and we have the experience to guarantee we meet these goals.

Some services we provide include:

  • Analysis and Design
  • House Plan Review
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Engineering Inspection Services
  • Structural Evaluation
  • & More!

Why go with Structural Design Solutions?


We know that you have a vision for your new home. It is our job as custom home builders to take your ideas and provide our innovative design to make these projects become a reality. We want your home to not only meet your expectations, but also go above and beyond. One of our main services is a variety of home/building inspections, so we know the problems that homes are prone to experience. The custom home builders at Structural Design takes this knowledge and puts in their preventative measures to ensure your home will not only meet inspection requirements, but last for as long as possible. We know about things such as foundation failure that can be a huge problem for a house’s cosmetics as well as safety.

So many things go into a houses foundation. Soil, building foundation, plumbing, drainage, even location can affect your home. For these reasons, let Structural Design Solutions make sure your home is built to the right standards before damage happens! It could take years for you to start seeing damage, and at that point the costs for repairs will have skyrocketed. That’s why custom home builders at Structural Design Solutions use their knowledge for prevention before you even get settled into your home!