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Charlotte Structural Inspections

Charlotte, NC Structural Inspections

At Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte, our engineering inspection services are mainly focused on the residential market, including FHA Inspection. We work with a variety of clients in and around the Charlotte NC areas to ensure the home owner or prospective buyer gets a quality and structurally sound home. We recommend pre-purchase inspections for prospective buyers, which ensures that no major structural defects exist at the time of the engineering or FHA inspection. We also recommend inspections for realtors as well, which better represents the home to clients.

Our firm has a variety of experience in residential and FHA inspections. We inspect a variety of homes including custom homes, townhouses, modular homes, and manufactured homes. The services provided by Structural Design Solutions, although not limited to, include:

Charlotte Home Inspection Services

  • General Structural Evaluation
  • Pre-purchase Home Inspection
  • Limited Scope Inspections
  • Deck Inspection
  • Building Code Compliance
  • Retaining Wall Inspection
  • FHA Compliance Requirements
  • Well Water Testing and Compliance
  • Additional Services Available

Residential Inspection Agreement


Charlotte FHA Manufactured Homes Services

Agreement for Manufactured Home Inspection

See our preferred method of manufactured home stabilization below.

Recommended Stabilization System Specifications and Installation Requirements (contact us for preferred installation specialist)

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Please review the list of FHA compliance requirements. Our firm can also, upon request, have our team of charlotte FHA specialists install the necessary checklist components and prepare the property for inspection. Our recommended licensed contractor provides quality work at a competitive price, call or email us for pricing information. See information listed below.

Estimates for FHA Upgrades from our Charlotte General Contractor

Things to know about Charlotte Structural & FHA Manufactured Home Inspections

  • HUD Structural Foundation Inspection is required for all FHA and VA Backed loans in Charlotte, NC and Surrounding Areas.
  • Structural Engineering Inspection is typically a good idea when purchasing a new home. It determines the structural integrity of the home and foundation by a licensed professional engineer.
  • Structural Inspection in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas is particularly important when it comes to foundation inspection and engineering, including FHA requirements. North Carolina clays tend to cause more foundation issues for homeowners.
  • FHA Upgrades and FHA requirements for manufactured homes should be reviewed and evaluated by a licensed professional engineer with experience in the Charlotte area.
  • At Structural Design Solutions of Charlotte, our structural engineers work closely with Charlotte Real Estate agents, Charlotte home inspectors, and Charlotte homeowners when performing structural inspections in general for typical homes and FHA certifications for manufactured home and mobile homes.

Know your inspector

In today’s market, there are a variety of inspectors for hire. When an inspection is needed to investigate the structural integrity of a home, be aware that only licensed professional engineers can make the evaluation.

Points to remember

Our inspection reports provide functional evaluation of homes. We provide a simple, yet effective report without excessive information.
Also, be aware that when an inspector is not a licensed engineering professional, you may be pay twice if a structural evaluation is required.
If you have any questions about our services or inspections in general, please feel free to contact us.